The two DVDs address your needs directly through the following practices ranging between 5 and 90 minutes.

How this DVD will benefit YOU

  • addressing your needs directly
  • helping you stretch into a deeper flexibility
  • growing your strength through ease
  • easing you into a greater joint mobility
  • helping to bring relief to your low back
  • softening your neck/shoulder and low back/hip/sacrum stiffness
  • aiding you in experiencing the joy of “I can”
  • helping you experience a greater joy of movement
  • guiding you deep into your inner peace and harmony
  • guiding you in rediscovering a deeper connection with your inner truth and peace
  • improving your mind/body integration
  • improving your bodily functions

Whole Body Practices:
90 minute / 30+ minute / 20+ minute

Need Targeted Practices:
grounding and centering / releasing upper body tension / releasing lower body tension / improving balance / strengthening lower body / loosening spinal tension / deep opening of low back / calming mind/body / releasing low back discomfort / chair and wheelchair Yoga

This Yoga program helps me to calm my busy thoughts and heal my body.

J. Cardyn

After a few months of Yoga, my chronic neck pain was gone.

E. Koeberle

Those shoulder, neck and upper back stretches have loosen my right shoulder.

D. Wood

Other ways to shop: You can purchase from our wonderful online distributer, Toolbox Entertainment™. Or if you’d rather, request an invoice direct from Mary Ann. She’ll ship the DVDs upon receipt of payment!