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Oocyte Donation: A Brief Excursus to Reproductive Medicine

It so happens that a woman can not become a mother, even if she sincerely wants it. The causes may be different: late reproductive age, early menopause, uterine abnormalities, defective eggs, ovarian exhaustion syndrome. In such cases, women are often diagnosed with infertility, which for her is comparable to emotional trauma. IVF programs can help to solve this problem. If this method was not effective for the patient’s oocytes, then donor eggs are used.

Basic questions about egg donation

Who becomes an egg donor?

These are young women of fertile age who have passed all medical examinations and meet all the standards for a successful program.

Where is the donor chosen?

Agencies that deal with egg donation and IVF programs provide a donor base. One of them is, which is the largest and most successful agency in Asia.

What are the chances of success with such a program?

This method is one of the most effective methods of reproductive medicine.

Is anonymity preserved?

Yes. The program is strictly anonymous, so you can not be afraid of your data.

How painful or dangerous is this procedure?

Oocyte donation is safe for both the donor and the patient if it held under the strict supervision of specialists.

As a conclusion

The donation of oocytes is an effective and legal method of artificial fertilization. The patient chooses a donor according to important criteria for him, and the clinic specialists carry out the procedure of donating and replanting embryos to the patient. In the end, as a rule, the desired pregnancy and successful childbearing occur.