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The Brazilian Butt Challenge with Verv Apps

The latest trend of the year, the Brazilian Butt Challenge, is not only about having a round bottom. It’s a great chance to start loving your body and keeping fit. Let’s find out what this is all about and how it works.

Things you need to know about the challenge

In order to find everything you need, visit The challenge lasts 30 days and consists of a routine regime of certain exercises. It was created in order to improve the shape of your butt and build the muscles. You’ll definitely like yourself in jeans from now on. The variety of exercise includes crossed-leg squats, classic squats, straight leg donkey kicks, narrow squats, sumo squats, etc.

The routine

As you can see on the website, you need to do certain exercises every day. The number of squats and donkey kicks differ as well as the number of exercises in general. However, lest you get confused, you can save the table or use Verv app to set up reminders for every day. It’s a very convenient fitness app that provides with other advantages, too. You’ll transform the body starting slow and easy. However, it’s important to stick to the routine and live an active lifestyle.

You can combine this challenge with other workouts, running, etc. and achieve an even better shape and healthier body. Discover Verv to track all fitness activities, meditation, and sleep patterns. The app is sure to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.