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The Struggles of Individuals with Back Pain

Pain is a difficult sensation to truly understand. Pain is uncomfortable and, frankly, pain hurts. However, pain is actually a useful message that is being sent from various parts of the body to the brain. When we step back and consider that pain is a message from the body, we may react differently to our pain. Pain is a way for the body to communicate with itself that something is wrong. When you touch a hot pan on the stove, your hand sends pain signals to your brain that tell you to remove your hand. This pain helps to prevent you from seriously burning the skin on your hand. Back pain may be a similar type of message. When your back hurts consistently, your body may be attempting to send a message to your brain that something is wrong in your back. It may be an alignment issue with the vertebrae of your spine, or it may simply be caused by some activity on your part. Understanding the cause will help you treat back pain correctly.
What Causes Back Pain?
There are thousands of things that could potentially cause back pain. Individuals who experience back pain often know exactly what action on their part has caused the intense pain. If you strain your back by lifting something heavy incorrectly, you may experience persistent back pain for several weeks after the event. You may injure your back in a sport or other type of physical activity. You might experience back pain if you have poor posture or sit in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time. Sometimes, back pain is caused by obesity. When the body is inactive and unhealthy, the back often has to carry extra weight that it was never intended to carry. This can cause a compression of the spine which may result in severe back pain.
Preventing Back Pain
When you experience back pain symptoms, you’ve probably done something to injure your back. While treating the symptoms is most likely your next course of action, you may have benefited from preventing the back pain to begin with. Exercise, good posture, and correct lifting techniques can help to prevent back pain.
Treating Back Pain
Back pain is most commonly treated with rest and pain medication. When you rest, your body can repair itself naturally. During the reparation process, pain medication can help to reduce some of the back pain you are experiencing.